Out of Contract: Top Footballers Available on a Free Transfer in Summer 2024

When a player’s contract with a football club expires, one of two things can happen. The player can either negotiate a new contract to stay with the club or leave without any transfer fee.

Different reasons can cause a player to leave a football club for free. The club may decide not to renew a player’s contract if they believe their performance doesn’t justify their investment. This is common in cases of aging, performance decline, or frequent injuries. Another reason is disagreement over wages when the club does not offer what the player wants.

In other cases, there might be fallouts between the player and the club. In this case, the player might be unhappy with his treatment in the club and decide to leave even if he was offered a new deal. Players can also be tempted by a bigger offer from another club, a more attractive sporting project, or the chance to play for their dream team.

Regardless of the reason, we will be considering some top players leaving their current football club for free at the end of their contracts this season. Let’s dive in!

Kylian Mbappé

It’s almost like an every-season ritual now; news of Mbappé leaving PSG for free is always on the news at the end of every season. It is more shocking when you remember the whooping -180 million transfer fee the club paid for him in 2017. Throughout his stay at PSG, he was paid one of the highest wages in the world of football. He was the cornerstone of the team, France and PSG’s golden prince, yet he decided to leave as soon as his contract ran out in 2021.

News of his departure didn’t meet PSG fans well. It was even heavier on the club, which had invested hundreds of millions in the young attacker. So the management persuaded him to stay two more seasons, getting him to sign a two-year contract extension that ends this season. Although Mbappé has the sole right to trigger a 12-month extension that could keep him at the club for one more season, he has reportedly decided to leave again.

Well, that’s what passion and dreams do to a player. Mbappé childhood dream was to play for Real Madrid, and he will do anything to play there. PSG reportedly pays him an undisclosed mammoth amount. According to reports, his move to Real Madrid will see him slash his wages by a significant amount, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Raphael Varane

It’s obviously understandable why Manchester United is letting Varane go without a fight. The player has been plagued by injuries upon injuries, which has made him unavailable for the club. Moreover, in the few times he’s played, he’s been a shadow of himself. He’s never really been the rock-solid defender Manchester United got from Madrid since he got to the club.

However, Varane is still a top defender who will still get a spot in the starting lineup of many elite teams across Europe. There’s been a series of news linking him with a move to MLS and the Saudi league.

Certain news outlets have even reported rumors of a possible return to Real Madrid, but we wouldn’t bet on that. While you are here, visit this website for the best betting odds on football, other sports, and exciting casino games.

Luka Modric

Luka Modric may be old, but he still has his magic legs working effectively. Of course, the 38-year-old midfielder is still a pivotal player for Real Madrid so far. However, there’s been news of him leaving at the end of his contract this season.

Reports have it that Real Madrid has decided not to offer Modric an extension to his contract when it runs out this year. According to various sources, he is still very interested in playing with the Los Blancos. In fact, he is reportedly willing to settle for a wage slash. However, the club has decided to bank on younger players like Arder Guler and Tchoameni, who are already showing signs of brilliance.

Anthony Martial

It is safe to say that Anthony Martial’s career at Manchester United didn’t turn out as envisioned. Judging from the potential he showed in his early days there, you could almost bet on him to be one of the club’s best signings. However, Martial never left the “potential” level at United. His frequent injuries didn’t help matters. Although he showed flashes of brilliance occasionally, he never really lived up to expectations.

Olivier Giroud

Oliver Giroud is 37 years old this year, yet he’s still banging in goals match after match in Italy. This season, he’s had 14 goals and eight assists in just 33 matches, proving he is still very much an asset. Judging from this performance, any team in Europe will appreciate his transfer to their squad.

AC Milan would have loved to retain Giroud with a new deal. However, he has decided not to renew his contract with the club. Instead, he is reportedly heading to the MLS, where he’ll be joining international teammate Hugo Lloris in Los Angeles FC.


The summer of 2024 promises a significant shuffle of talent in the football world, with several top players becoming available on free transfers. In addition to the ones listed above, other players likely out of contract this season include Thiago Silva, Joel Matip, Mario Hermoso, and Thiago Alcantara.

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